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For many years I have wanted to start my own business. I had many ideas, but nothing really clicked, until 2014.

 A close friend of mine also wanted to start her own business. We are both single mothers and wanted to create something to leave behind for our daughters. We wanted to earn an extra income to help with college tuition as well. So, we put our heads together trying to figure out what we are good at and what will make us a profit. We did a lot of research. We went to a ton of events, markets and did a few Google searches, just to see what was out there.

 In the end, I realized I LOVE making things, creating things with my hands. There is just a feeling of accomplishment when I complete a project, like refurbishing a piece of furniture. Just knowing all the hard work, I put in staining a piece of wood, sanding it down and making it beautiful. This is a feeling I was getting during our research. I wanted to become a Maker.

Anyways, to make a long story short, we settled on making jewelry...something we both love...especially pieces that are different. Unfortunately, my good friend was not into making things as much as me, she didn’t quite like the idea of getting her hands dirty. So, we did not move forward with a partnership. No love lost. Without her I would not be on this great journey of entrepreneurship.

Unique Jewelry Designs by PC is my relaxation/stress relief time. I must admit, I Googled ideas and how to make things, but it isn't easy to transform the pictures in my head to actual jewelry. I took a few classes to get started. My first class was in a jewelry beading store, that not only sold jewelry and materials, but they also offered classes.  It was a Kumihimo Japanese braided beaded bracelet technique that I learned. I absolutely fell in love with making jewelry that day. My first bracelet did not come out perfect, but it was beautiful. I made this beautiful bracelet with my own two hands. I picked the colors of the Miyuki seed beads, I counted out all 320 of them and strung them up to be braided. I did this. This was my work, and I was so proud and so excited. I was on my way to becoming a Maker. 

I purchased all types of different beads or gems stones, in all shapes and sizes and colors. I started to braid necklaces and bracelets using the Kumihimo style I learned. I added fabrics like leather or clothe and sometimes chains to add some uniqueness to my pieces. At that time, I had a roommate, who is also a fan of jewelry, so she helped me tame my crazy ideas, giving me a better direction for my pieces. I enjoy every piece that I make. Making things has always relaxed me. I get in this Zen zone, where it’s the only thing that I see. Whether I had a bad day, or I’m just tired, once I start to make a piece, whatever I was feeling previously just slips away. My mind just starts to drift as I use my tools to twist, bend, pull, hammer, anneal … create. Handmade jewelry is an art and I never saw myself as an artist, but when I step back and look at the finished product, I know I did something beautiful. I know that this makes me smile and it will make someone else smile. Make someone else feel, special.  

Some pieces may not be perfectly made, but that's the art behind handcrafted... it adds character to a piece, making it mine. I am not a machine. I am a person, I am not perfect, so there maybe what looks like flaws, but I leave these “flaws,” because it builds character to my pieces. It’s what makes it unique. Not one piece will look exactly the same as you would find with a manufactured piece of jewelry. 

My goal during this journey, is to be a success. To make people feel beautiful, to express their uniqueness and feel special, like one of a kind. Beyond that, I hope to make new acquaintances, to inspire people to be unique yet fashionable, to have fun and to grow in my craft. By the grace of God, I have come this far and by the grace of God I will succeed.

Thank you all for the support, advice and motivation!

Established November 2015